Friday, October 17, 2008

New Designs Coming Soon...

While I haven't added a new hoodie this week, I HAVE still been sewing...My next one was going to be a lotus applique similar to the OHM hoodie.
Lotus, Take 1

Lotus, Take 2

Lotus, Take 3 (unfinished)

I had the hoodie nearly ready, and was placing the pocket on the front when I saw a tiny little snip right in the front of the shirt! Now, either I was careless, or my little helper got carried away while I was working on the lotus applique...ahem...looks like Kaya just earned herself a new hoodie, and I will be starting over!

Turns out I didn't much care for lotus flower #4 anyway, so I'm going back to the drawing board.

Perhaps I'll finish lotus #3...though I do rather like the fun, spiraly vapor on lotus #2!

I'm also working on a leaf and/or a tree of life design, and should have a longsleeved Red Stripe hoodie soon!

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