Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodbye Sage and Olivia!

Thanks to a large wholesale order headed to England, the Sage and Olivia Hoodies are SOLD OUT!!

As soon as I find a moment to catch my breath I'll get two new hoodies posted (well, after I sew them and get photos of them that is!).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Trip to the Beach...

...and a chance to try out the new organic cotton and bamboo Eco-CoverUp.

And mama is very pleased with the results! Turns out, this Eco-CoverUp is just as practical as I had hoped. The smaller armholes keep it down over the shoulders for maximum sun protection, and the fabric is so so soft and light.

Actually, I only have limited yardage of both of the bamboo and organic cotton fabrics, so don't delay!

With special appreciation for my customers, I've priced these hoodies very low--only $30 and $32 (pictured is the longer version). Check them out here in my shop!

Friday, June 5, 2009


We are having a GEMINI SALE!!!!

Buy Two Custom Hoodies and Get $20 Back!

Also, all our in-stock and ready to ship hoodies are 20% Off!!

Head over to our shop and check it out:

NOTE: All discounts will be refunded via paypal. (Etsy does not offer coupon code capabilities yet!)

Monday, June 1, 2009

On Mindful Consumption

For me and my family, deciding where to spend our money is just as important as assessing the health risks of a product before buying it. So when we made the choice to use organic cotton and hemp for our hoodies and toys, we were considering much more than just the immediate health risks of so-called "conventional" fibers.

We considered many other things as well, like the way the fibers are grown, and the way they are processed into fabric. These processes have a huge impact on us, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. We are not separable from "the environment."

We are very proud to be using fabrics made from organically grown fibers. Most of our chosen fabrics are processed into fabric in the US, using US-grown cotton whenever possible. Recently, however, we chose to include two new fabrics of non-US origin: "Summer Solstice" and "Surrender," both of which are designed by Harmony Susalla of Harmony Art.

These two fabrics are grown and made in India. India has been a key supplier of cotton for ages, but has recently been plagued by treacherous results of growing bt cotton (see my previous post for more info on bt cotton). Tragically, numerous Indian farmers have committed suicide due to insurmountable debts incurred from growing bt cotton.

We believe that supporting those Indian farmers who have continued, or returned to growing organic cotton is important for all of us, and are proud to offer these fabrics as well!

If you're still undecided about which hoodie to purchase, then we have the perfect solution for you! We've just listed a fabric swatches sampler here: KayaNow Fabric Swatches

Our new Harmony Art Hoodies are available in our shop (which by the way is having a SALE!!)
The Summer Leaves Hoodie
The Summer Sunshine Hoodie

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Organic Cotton?

There is much information to be found on the benefits of organically-grown cotton. I used to think of cotton as a good, natural alternative to synthetic fabrics like polyester--but I knew very little about the processes undergone by "conventionally-grown" cotton.

Did you know that 70% of the cotton grown in the US is genetically-modified (GMO)? And in 2007, 43% of the world's cotton crop was GM. Not exactly natural in my opinion. "Bt Cotton" is Monsanto's bio-engineered cotton and is developed by inserting a gene from soil bacteria to produce a toxin that kills certain types of pests. They call it "Bt toxin" and their GM cotton produces this "Bt toxin" as it grows. Bt toxin destroys the guts of insects that ingest it, though Monsanto claims it is harmless to humans.
Another selling point for Monsanto is that Bt is resistant to herbicides. Meaning, farmers can spray herbicides directly on the cotton plants in an effort to kill weeds.
There is of course a wide range of issues associated with all of this. There is the possibility of adversely affecting "non-targeted" insects and other animals; and experience has shown that yields are not higher, most noteably in India, where there has been a plague of farmer suicides due to GM crop failures. And what about potential contamination of soil, water, air, and food supply? And what about the textiles made from these plants being in direct contact with our skin? and our babies' skin?
Of course some of the answers to these questions are yet unknown...but I can't help but think of Mary Shelley's story of a man who got too carried away with his own power. Perhaps we should practice a bit more restraint. Just because we can does not necessarily mean we should.

Organic Cotton is never grown from GMO seeds.

But that's not the only reason to choose organic cotton!
Here are a few more:
  • Organic seeds are not treated with fungicides or insecticides commonly used to treat non-organic cotton seeds
  • Organic cotton builds strong soil through crop rotation rather than using synthetic fertilizers and requires less irrigation because the increased organic matter in the soil retains water better
  • Weeds are physically removed from organic cotton crop sites rather than being killed with herbicides
  • Organic cotton farmers may use beneficial insects or trap crops to maintain healthy soil and a balance between pests and their natural predators--all in place of chemical insecticides
  • Organic standards continue, beyond cultivation and harvest, into the milling of the raw cotton to textile, insuring a less-toxic process than that of non-organic cotton milling.
And here are a few quick facts you may have heard before:
  1. About 1/3 pound of chemicals is used just to grow enough cotton to make one non-organic cotton t-shirt.
  2. Cotton crops occupy about 3% of the world's cultivated land, yet they account for 25% of annual pesticide production and 10% of herbicide production (note to self: all that GM insecticidal cotton must not be working!)
  3. All of the nine most common cotton pesticides carry the EPAs two most dangerous ratings for chemicals, and five of them are known to cause cancer.
Want to know more?
Google your questions!
And here are some sites I've found helpful:
Organic Consumers Association
Sustainable Cotton Project
Harmony Art Design

Don't know much about Monsanto? (The makers of Agent Orange)
Millions Against Monsanto Campaign

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NEW Design!! Summer Eco-Cover Up Beachwear!

This is the shorter version in a waffle weave textured bamboo and organic cotton blend.

And here is the longer version in a honeycomb textured bamboo and organic cotton blend.

These fabrics are 80% bamboo and 20% organic cotton, and oh my are they soft! So very soft and lightweight. They move and stretch with your little one while keeping their head and shoulders covered without extra bulk and heat! (I can also add long sleeves if you prefer their arms be covered as well.)

Both the longer and shorter Eco-Covers are a straight cut--there is no flare or A-line shape--making them great for boys and girls this summer!!

Plus, I've sized them so they are a truer fit than our other organic hoodies, and they are available from 6-12 mos up to 5T.

Check them out here, and while you're there be sure to look at the other new summer hoodies!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birthday Celebrations :)

Just a couple pics from our recent birthday celebrations! Complete with mama-made crown and organic cotton dress (and cake too!). Butterflies were the theme for the day, and what a special day it was :)